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Speaking Engagements for 2023

Abby Abbott-Rider

Abby Abbott-Rider is the president of Thistle Byre farm and is also an Adult Nurse Practitioner at Four County Counseling Center. She is passionate about speaking on health and agricultural Issues especially as it relates to women in agriculture, organic farming and foods and their influences on health. To learn more about specific speaking topics, please see the list below. To learn more about Abby, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Speaking Topics

  • Down and Dirty- Agriculture's New Wrinkles

  • Why Organic Food is Best: The story of a high spraying, GMO planting farmer's daughter converted...

  • Sustainable and Organic Farming, Agriculture's Bottom-line: It's Necessity, Our Health 

  • Metabolic Syndrome: It's NOT all your genes!

  • Type II Diabetes Management - The Good News

  • Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coaching- Finding Your Center

  • Complimentary Medicine: Are Drugs the ONLY Answer?

  • Frugal Living, Cooking Outside the Box, Cooking from Scratch in Limited Time

  • What's all the Fuss? Real Food. Whole Food.

  • Finding Joy in Simply Living- Enriching Your Family's Life

  • The "Good Life" on a Budget

  • Turkey Broth and Tenacity- The GAPS Diet Made Simple

  • Waistline Woes- The Role Nonnutritive Sweeteners Play in Disease

  • Grow, Cook and Heal- Gardening and Cooking Real Food Simply

  • Easy Canning- Capture the Flavors of Summer in a Jar

  • Simple Solutions- Everyday Organic Living

  • Throwing In The Trowel- Fall Ideas

  • Growing Food Communities

  • The Farm to Fork and Grain to Glass: Food Revolution


If you would like me to speak on any of these topics, please contact me immediately.


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